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The distinctions of the 12th Art

Watches tell time, watchmaking art brings emotion...

To give all the amazing creations of watchmaking the recognition they deserve, the 12th Art must have its place in the classification of the arts. The 12th Art combines several skills and knowledges that constitute its distinctions. For the master-watchmakers each one of them is a challenge that eventually will give birth to true works of art.

The Mechanical Engineering

Since the invention of the pendulum clock, master watchmakers are more and more daring to optimize and improve the essential components of the regulatory bodies and motor functions of the mechanical watch. All these works fall within Mechanical Engineering.


Philippe Dufour


Managing to measure time accurately is undoubtedly one of the grails of any watchmaker. We are speaking of course of mechanical watchmaking as man has already managed to create the atomic clock has not varied from one second in 15 billion years.


Greubel & Forsey


Complications are the “functions” of the watch other than the hours, minutes and seconds. The more a watch contains complications, the more it is “complicated”. Most of the complications have existed for centuries but watchmakers always manage to create new ones. (Complications).


Vacheron Constantin


The 12th Art is very close to the 1st (architecture) as the watchmaker must succeed in creating an original design by respecting high stress related to motion, complications, and to the small size of the watch. Some designs give birth to icons.


Audemars Piguet


The dial artist creates the part of the watch that is the most seen. When the craft of watchmaking and the respect of the limitations imposed by the restricted space to integrate the indicator elements, are present on the dial, the watch becomes a work of art.



The know how

Competence is not improvised. It is the result of decades and centuries of work and research. Some watch brands have created, over time, factories, bringing together the various trades of horology to continuously improve this know how.


Patek Philippe


The Label of the 12th Art